HT Bins. Skip Bin Hire Brisbane. Can we put your skip bin on public land or our footpath?

Most Councils have strict guidelines relating to where skip bins may be placed. It is the customers responsibility to obtain council permit for placement of skip bins or mini skips on public land, roads and foot paths before booking a bin. In most cases we can find other options for placing your bin if your council will not issue a lermit.

Are there any rules on what can put in these the skip bins?

Yes there are. Different bins are suitable for carrying different types of waste. In general chemicals, paint, and food or chemical containers are not to be put in any types of skip bins.

Asbestos material, We do not carry Asbestos at all.

What size of bin do I Need?

The size you need depends on what you intend to put in the bin. Normally kitchen or bathroom reno’s waste will usually fit in to one of our smaller 4m bins while a bigger projects might need a size bigger bin.

What materials are considered Heavy?

We consider the following types of materials to be heavy.

Some large equipment or machines will be to heavy.



Roof Tiles


Basically if it looks heavy it probably is

Can I hire a bin for longer than 7 days?

Yes just give us a call to work out the details.

Waste Recycling

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