Types of Waste

Waste Guidelines for our Skip Bin Hire Service.

When looking to hire a skip bin in Brisbane it is very important to tell us the specific types of waste you need to put in our skip bins. When we know the type of waste you need to remove, Green Waste, Concrete, Soil we can deliver the correct bin size and type for you.

Have a look at the list below to help you assess your waste type and see what is allowed and what is not allowed on our skip bin and mini skips.

If the guide does not help then just give our office a call and Carmen will be able to let you know if your particular type of waste can be carried in our Skip Bins.


Waste Recycling

Waste we do not carry in our bins and skips. Asbestos, Oils, Batteries, Chemicals, Liquids of any type, Food, Gas Bottles and Tyres.

What we do Carry. Domestic waste, Domestic and Mixed Waste.

Green waste, Furniture, Appliances.

Green Waste Types.

Palm Fronds, Tree Branches, Weeds, Grass Clippings.

Industrial and Commercial

Steel, Timber, Office waste, Pallets, Racking, General commercial waste.

Construction and Renovation waste

Sheet Metals, gyprock, timber, carpets, bricks, tile, all building site Rubbish Removed.

Heavy Materials. Bricks, Concrete, Dirt, Gravel, Tree stumps. All Heavy materials are carried in smaller Bins.

Just give us a call on 07 33880364 To hire one of our Skip Bins.

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